I lost £1million – but turned my life back round…

By the age of 22 REBECCA JANE had made over a million in the property business.unfaithful spouse But in 2009, when the financial markets went into meltdown, she lost the lot. At the same time she had just got divorced and life looked bleak. But then, after speaking to other divorcees she realised there was a gap in the market for people who wanted to find out if their partner or spouse was cheating. And her unusual business, The Lady Detective Agency was born.

Here Rebecca, 26, who was recently picked as a finalist for Business Woman of the Year, reveals to Sell Your Story UK how she ensured its success…

* Always believe in yourself.

When I first came up with the idea of becoming a lady detective, there were lots of people who thought it would never work. But I had a clear focus – I wanted to provide an affordable, professional service for anyone who suspects their partner of infidelity – and I knew I could make it work. Today I am often asked for media opinions on TV and radio shows and even have a book and a fly-on-the-wall TV documentary in the pipeline.

* Learn how to cope with negativity

Not everyone approves of what I do. Some people are actually quite nasty about it and in fact I think when you are in business – and especially if you are successful – there is always someone ready to bring you down. Whenever I’m on a TV show I get strangers ringing the agency to tell me what a great job I’ve done. But at the same time I’ve been slated by internet trolls on the internet. But you learn to ignore negative people, believe in what you are doing and come back fighting.

* Keep in contact with your customers.

I blog a lot on our website with useful advice. And I always make myself available to talk to. I’ve had publicity in the Daily Mail, been on ITV’s This Morning – and I’m about to appear in Grazia magazine. But at the same time I am always there to talk to clients directly.

* Don’t allow your business to stand still.

I am always thinking of ways to develop the business. Today, we also look for missing persons and help companies uncover fraud and time wasting by employees within the work place. We are currently running a training course so women can learn the craft of becoming a detective and next year we are introducing a franchise business so people can buy into the agency and set up themselves in their area.

Vital statistics: Number of staff: 15;
Average client is aged 35-55; 60% are female and 40% male.
Number of people who apply per month to become a detective: around 300.

Website: www.ladydetectiveagency.com

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