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With the 11th Series of ITV’s I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here ! underway, we asked the UK’s favourite Astrologer Russell Grant to reveal what the Stars reveal about the new set of celebs.

Antony Cotton (5th August 1975)
Antony is going to be one of the most charming people in the jungle. With Venus in Virgo he can be finicky, but his Mars in Taurus makes him determined and very practical and compassionate and sensitive though occasionally his Moon in Cancer might make him moody. His Leo Sun will crave attention and Antony will be the star of the show!

Crissy Rock (23rd September 1958)
Caring, kind, considerate with a delightful sense of humour, there’s more to Crissy Rock than meets the eye. She will do anything for anyone, will have strict rules regarding hygiene and tidiness and others will appreciate her wise advice.

Dougie Poynter (30th November 1987)

Dougie, bassist from chart-topping boyband McFly.
Serious, intense and secretive when he wants to be, Sagittarian Dougie will always want to be active and busy and could be quite restless, impatient and edgy when confined to camp for too long.

Fatima Whitbread (3rd March 1961)
Fatima will put some effort into making relationships work but could get huffy if others don’t go along with her suggestions. Piscean Fatima will be strangely aloof at times, guarded about her emotions and yet insightful about what the others need and are feeling.

Freddie Starr (9th January 1943)
He may have a Capricorn Sun but there’s enough Aquarius in his chart to give viewers and other competitors an eccentric thrill ride. He will recover well after a spell of gloominess that brings out the nurturing sides in Antony, Fatima and Lorraine and attracts Crissy’s kind concern.

Jessica-Jane Clement (24th Feb 1985)
Piscean Jessica will have a strongly competitive side with Venus and Mars in Aries. Bold and assertive she is determined to show she is more than a match for anything but she’s actually trying to prove something to herself. This chameleon will show different sides of her nature depending on who she’s with!

Lorraine Chase (16th July 1951)
Cancerian Lorraine will be conversational, imaginative and big on keeping everything happy and harmonious. Like most Cancerians Lorraine has a natural motherly side blended with a strong sense of fun and will talk about anything with anybody to satisfy her curiosity.

Mark Wright (20th January 1987)
There’s nothing predictable about Capricorn Mark; he likes to think he’s sensible and practical but he will be happy to take a walk on the wild side in his desire for change and excitement. Flexibility will be his strength.

Stefanie Powers (2nd November 1942)
She will talk like a diplomat, saying all the right things but does she mean what she says? Scorpio Stefanie will have a mysterious air about her as the audience will start to wonder whether there are ulterior motives to some of the things she says and does.

Willie Carson (16th November 1942)
Although born within a fortnight of Stefanie you will see a difference in their natures. Underneath Scorpio Willie’s cheerful demeanour there’s a secretively competitive, intense and broody side. Sudden surprises can and will upset him; he’ll also be moody and infuriated with himself if he feels he is being a failure.

Relationships in the Jungle:

The nurturers/listeners will be Antony, Fatima and Lorraine. Notice how they will put effort into building relationships and how Antony and Lorraine will get together to try to find practical solutions to problems and put the world to rights.
Leaders and Achievers: Active participants Mark, Jessica and Dougie won’t need anyone there to hold their hand. Even so they will encourage and support the others and do what’s needed to help build and motivate a team.
Pitching-in will be Willie, Stefanie and Freddie although not always in total harmony. There will be clashes with some outrageous statements that will disrupt and cause a lot of upset. It will be Crissy who will encourage Freddie to share his thoughts and feelings with more honesty.

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