IN THE NEWS: Are you really the daddy?

It’s every dad’s nightmare – that the child they thought was their child is not in fact theirs – or they are dad to a child they never knew about. And in fact a survey just in to the Featureworld office – reveals up to one in 25 dads are not in fact the biological father they thought they were. Dad and baby girl The research shows:

• 76% of paternity DNA tests are carried out by couples when the child is aged 0 to 24 months
• Demand for paternity testing from women peaks between the ages of 22-25 and then declines
• Half of tests are carried out when men are aged 26-40
• Younger women aged 15-18 are almost twice as likely to do a paternity test than men of the same age

But is it a good idea to know the truth? “Knowing the truth can have life-changing results,” says Relationship Counsellor, Joyce Walter. “It’s therefore crucial that all parties consent to the test and discuss the consequences with a trained professional before going ahead.”

Meanwhile, according to Dr Mandy Hartley, Technical Manager at Anglia DNA – the makers of the new home paternity test kit, AssureDNA, which is available from Boots, “Couples come to assuredna because they want peace of mind. They are living with doubt and uncertainty, and are struggling to move on with their lives because of this. By doing a consensual paternity test like the AssureDNA test, couples can put an end to those feelings of doubt and move on as a family.”

Have you ever used a DNA test? If you have a story to sell about using a DNA test or finding out your child is not yours, then do contact me: Sell My Story

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