Why we donated our eggs…

Story in THE SUN newspaper today about women donating their eggs…

Story about egg donation in The Sun
Jackie and Jodie talk about donating their eggs
This week it was announced that egg donors could get up to £750 for a donation and sperm donors could also be paid around £35. Currently there is a huge shortage of people willing to donate their eggs and sperm – but there is a big demand from childless couples who could not have a longed for child any other way.
For this follow-up feature in The Sun I spoke to two women who both donated their eggs for free. First up was Jackie Barr. Although husband Stephen wasn’t keen on her donating, the mum of two really wanted to help another couple. At the same time she felt a desire to have more children and felt this was a way of doing just that. Although recipients of egg and sperm do not know the identity of those who’ve donated to them, if a baby results, when that child is 18, he or she allowed to know who their biological parent is and can be put in contact with them. It is thought this is what puts a lot of people off donating – but for Jackie the thought of donated children turning up on her doorstep in 18 years time is a welcome one and in fact she admits she will be disappointed if no-one knocks at her door.
The second interviewee was Jodie Michalska. Jodie already has a baby with wife Carmen, conceived with anonymous donor sperm from a regulated clinic. But in order to get a discount at the same time as going through the treatment, she donated 18 eggs. She has since donated again – and in fact admits it isn’t for financial reasons. She recently received a card from a couple who’ve received her eggs saying thank you. Jodie doesn’t know if this woman is having her baby but she says the knowledge that she is giving a childless couple hope is an amazing feeling. And baby Faye has brought so much joy into their lives that she wants anyone who is desperate for a child to know that feeling.

This is the third time I have placed Jackie Barr’s story in a national publication. It is the first time for Jodie who was delighted with today’s ‘lovely feature’.

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