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TV appearance for Featureworld interviewee…

Interviewee Grace Sharrock appeared on ITV’s THIS MORNING yesterday.

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Grace was a natural on ITV's This Morning

On Monday afternoon Grace Sharrock was out and about near her home in Cheshire with her daughter, 11 and 18 month old twins. Then she picked up a message on her mobile from me …
I had been rung by producers at ITV’s This Morning asking if I had any interviewees who’d suffered from postnatal depression who could appear on the show. The only snag was – they were needed for the next morning’s show!
That was when I thought of Grace – a year ago Grace’s story about how when she was pregnant with her eldest child, she’d suffered severely from postnatal depression – had appeared via Featureworld in a double page in the Daily Mirror. And when she’d got pregnant with the twins she was terrified the same thing would happen again. Fortunately in her second twin pregnancy she’d been prescribed the drug Lithium and was fine when she gave birth to the twins.
Grace rang me back and decided then and there she would love to go on This Morning! Having got her mum to care for the children, Grace was picked up by taxi laid on by This Morning. She was then put up in a hotel overnight and after breakfast the show sent a car to pick her up and take her to the studio.
Fortunately the wonderful producers at This Morning take care of all travel arrangements and Grace had a fantastic time. She also looked stunning talking on the sofa with Holly Willoughby and Philip Scofield. A doctor was also brought in to give some top advice about postnatal depression.

Said Grace afterwards: “It was a great experience even though I was terribly nervous before I went on.”

Grace is one of a number of Featureworld interviewees who are invited onto This Morning – along with other TV chat and news show and documentaries.
Meanwhile, she has also written a book on postnatal depression: Saving Grace and you can read more on her story here: Daily Mirror.

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