X Factor row has ruined my life…

X Factor contestant Vanessa  from band Angel appears in today’s DAILY STAR newspaper talking about her appearance on Saturday night’s show.

Daily Star
Vanessa's X Factor experience appears in the Daily Star

Millions of TV viewers watched Saturday night’s X Factor on ITV and many were shocked at a row that developed between singer of girlband Angel and the judges.
When Judge Tulisa claimed the girl’s dance moves were only there to ‘cover up for the fact you can’t sing’, singer Vanessa was so put out, she spat back, ‘That’s rich coming from you…’
The girls were then booed off stage with judge Kelly commenting on Vanessa’s ‘bitchy’ comment. Needless to say every judge said, ‘it’s a no from me’ and the girls left.
Vanessa came to me via my website last week upset about what had happened. She had never wanted to go on the show but was persuaded to by other band members. They then had to change their song at the last minute for a more energetic one leaving them barely any time to rehearse the song they sang.
Unfortunately, this clip has now been trailed every Saturday before the show and although friends and family have been supportive, she can barely leave the house without someone shouting out, “that’s rich!”
She was also upset about how she claims the show was edited to make her look ruder than she is. She says she is just a ‘straight-talking Yorkshire lass’ and was upset about how Tulisa took her comment to heart.
Needless to say what happened caused a rift between Vanessa, a dance teacher, and her two band mates, and they have since split.

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