X Factor should be renamed ‘Sex Factor’ – story in Daily Star

X Factor contestant Nicole Hiatt’s story about the TV show appears in the DAILY STAR newspaper today.

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Nicole's X Factor story appeared in the Daily Star
Nicole emailed me about her X Factor – or as she described it ‘SEX Factor’ story last week. The mum of two was upset that having got through two auditions to this year’s Boot Camp – and having been praised by the judges for her singing – she was then sent home having not sung a note.
Nicole says it was because she didn’t ‘pair off’ with anyone at a Boot Camp jacuzzi party. She also refused to strip off for the pool in what she claims was wild behaviour at the party. She adds that prior to going to X Factor Boot Camp, she’d received a phone call from a researcher asking her if she hoped to meet someone on the show. And because she didn’t want to meet anyone, she was kicked out.
In the Daily Star newspaper today, a spokesman for X Factor says judges decided which acts to send home before the party and the contestant behaviour was not encouraged. Added to this, the party was strictly supervised with male and female contestants roomed on separate floors of the hotel.

But Nicole, who wowed judges with her performance of Halo, by Beyonce, says: “If I’d wanted to go on a dating show I would have auditioned for one. I thought X Factor was about singing, not taking your clothes off.”

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