A year ago Cindy decided to sell her story … so what happened next?

Like many interviewees who come to Featureworld , it was the first time Cindy Jackson had ever had any dealings with the press. Here, transexual Cindy, whose story of how she used to be a boy and is now a girl like her idol Katie Price, appeared in the Sunday Mirror and several magazines, tells what selling her story was like…

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Cindy also appeared on ITV's This Morning

Why did you want to sell your story?
I first decided to sell my story in May of last year. I felt I had a story to share with others and wanted to try and achieve my goals I had for the future. I wasn’t too sure who to go with at first but I contacted Featureworld with a general enquiry and Alison immediately emailed back.

What did you think of Alison?
She was really helpful and sounded like she knew what she was doing so it seemed like a good option to sell my story with Featureworld. I think everyone is slightly nervous about the article going into the paper/magazine because it is a first time experience and you want everything to go well, but Alison put me at ease.

Was your story read back before it was printed?
Yes, and through reading my article back to me and allowing me to say which bits I didnt agree with I was totally comfortable and therefore knew what to expect.

What did you think of your feature?
I was over the moon, the layout was brilliant and the piece had been written just as I expected – it wasn’t insensitive or anything and I was really pleased.

What did friends and family think?
I got a great response from other people who had seen my story in the paper and they were really positive saying how good I looked and how they thought I was an inspiration to others so that was a nice feeling!

Any advice to others?
From my own experiences in dealing with Featureworld I would 110% encourage others to contact Alison to sell a story. Alison is honest and does her best to make sure you’re happy and comfortable throughout the whole process. Selling my story was one of the best things I ever did and I don’t regret it for a second.

What’s happened since?
Since selling my story I’ve had loads of other work coming my way such as television and magazine appearances. I also fulfilled my dream and got to actually meet my Idol Katie Price and be on her television show, which was a dream come true!

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If you would like to sell your story contact me here: Story to Sell.

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