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Article in the DAILY MAIL newspaper yesterday.

Daily Mail feature
This article attracted over 500 comments on Mailonline...

When the Femail section of the Daily Mail asked me to research the issue that living in the South might be more expensive than living in the North of the UK, I thought it would be fascinating.
Both families I spoke to for this feature earn £50,000 a year. This is the income research shows most Britons think spells affluence. But it seems how affluent you feel depends very much on where you live in the UK.
For example, my family in the South are struggling. With house prices so much more than in the North, some 40 per cent of their income goes on servicing the mortgage. Meanwhile, my family in the north spent just ten per cent of their income on their mortgage, which left them much more money left over for luxuries.
What was also interesting, however, was both families are happy about where they live and for various reasons, neither family wants to move.
Incredibly, over 500 people joined in the debate at the Daily Mail website to discuss whether or not it is true that living in the South is so much more expensive.
I was delighted that the article gained so much interest and debate!

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