The tears behind my wedding day…

Emotional real life story appears in WOMAN’S OWN this week.

Story in Woman's Own magazine
Claire Faulkner's emotional story appears in Woman's Own this week...

In their wedding photos, Claire Faulkner, 40, looks like any other radiant bride as she marries husband Chris, 37.
But in fact, on their wedding day both she and Chris knew she was dying from cancer. Claire, a mum of two beautiful girls, was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2007. It was devastating especially as it came at a time when her marriage was breaking up. She had a mastectomy, chemo and radiotherapy and in January 2008 doctors gave her the all clear.
It was then she met an old friend again, Chris and they began dating. He didn’t even mind about Claire’s cancer or the fact that surgery had left her body scarred. And he was wonderful with the girls. Soon they had moved in together and on Christmas Day in 2009 Chris proposed. Naturally Claire said yes!
But shortly after as she was fitted for her wedding dress she found a lump in her neck – the cancer had returned.
Despite this the couple went through with their wedding with doctors giving Claire two weeks off treatment so she looked and felt their best. Talk of cancer was banned and the couple had the wondering wedding day they dreamed of.
Since then, though, the cancer has spread even more. Claire and Chris cannot accept nothing can be done. So they are fund raising for treatment in the US. This treatment is controversial and some say it hasn’t been proved but they will try everything to try to beat this.

Of the story in Woman’s Own Chris said: “Hi Alison, I picked up the copy of Womans Own magazine today to read the article and ….well what can I say, it was perfect! Hearing it read back on the phone is one thing but to see it in writing is another, we even made the front cover!
My wife and I were both deeply moved, it really is a wonderfully touching piece. We both wanted to pass on our thanks and let you know how very grateful we are.”

To read regular updates on how Claire is or to make a donation go to Claire’s website.

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