The secret I hid from my husband for 15 years…

Real life story about bulimia in the DAILY MIRROR today.

Bulimia story to a national newspaper
Elaine Waddy looks glamorous in the Daily Mirror...

Elaine Waddy was delighted today with her super-glam spread in the Daily Mirror.
Anyone looking at Elaine, a mum of five, would envy her size eight to ten figure. But in fact that slim shape came at a price – for over a decade Elaine has been a secret bulimic.
When she began dating husband Olly at the age of 15, she was already suffering from the eating disorder. Then it was just an occasional way of keeping herself in shape.
Certainly it was something she kept to herself – too ashamed to admit it to Olly or anyone else. They married and went on to have five gorgeous children. In fact, pregnancy was the only time when Elaine relaxed her regime of vomiting after meals as she knew she had to eat properly to ensure her babies were OK.
However gradually her bulimia worsened until she was bingeing and being sick up to 12 times a day and suffering from kidney problems – common in bulimics.
Eventually, she confessed her secret eating disorder to her GP who referred her for counselling.
It was then her counsellor convinced her to tell Olly. He was shocked and upset but with his support she is now staying slim by eating healthily and on the road to recovery.
Elaine has now also been signed up with a local modelling agency and a stunning photo of her appeared with the article.

Elaine said: “I was delighted with my feature today and hope that telling my story encourages anyone else suffering from this to get help as I did.”

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