Hope for Laura. Laura needs £75K to save her life…

Last weekend I received an email through Featureworld from Ben, the fiance of a lovely young woman called Laura. Laura and Ben have a gorgeous baby son and are devoted to him. But they recently received some devastating news that has literally turned their life upside down. Laura has discovered she is suffering from a brain tumour.

Laura wants to live for Ben.
Laura wants to see her baby grow up…

That news would be terrible enough but her tumour is inoperable and aggressive.
Doctors are doing their best to shrink it with drugs and prolong her life. But there is nothing more they can do in the UK.
However, there is now hope. Through painstaking research the couple have now discovered a pioneering treatment in the US, which could save Laura’s life. The problem is it is not available in the UK and the family need to raise £75,000 for the treatment.
Ben has set up a website for Laura – you can find out more about donating and read more about their story by clicking here: Hope For Laura.
Meanwhile, I am delighted to be representing Ben and Laura who have spoken exclusively to me about their ordeal and their future.
The full heartbreaking and emotional story will be appearing in a national UK newspaper and two magazines. We are all hoping that this will gain enough money to give Laura the chance of having this treatment and ultimately the chance to see her son grow up.

Needless to say I will be following their story.

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