Malissa Jones’ story goes global…

Malissa Jones – who once weighed 34 stones and is now anorexic – appeared today on ITV’S THIS MORNING.

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Malissa Jones on ITV's This Morning

Since Malissa Jones incredible real-life story broke in Closer magazine last week and then went to MailOnline, I have been inundated with requests for her to be interviewed.
Every TV channel in the UK has requested over the past week to speak with Malissa but today she did an exclusive interview with ITV’s This Morning where she discussed her plight with presenters Philip Schofield and Ruth Langsford.
On board was a psychologist who explained that although Malissa – once dubbed Britain’s fattest teen – used to overeat, her anorexia is now still triggered by the same emotional issues, which she needs professional help with to address to get better.
As well as This Morning, Malissa’s story has been placed worldwide in the US and in Germany – and we are now in talks with documentary makers to do a film on Malissa as she battles with this disease.
Her story has also been sold to another weekly women’s magazine as well as a further deal with a UK national newspaper.
And between them, this blog, sellyourstoryuk and my main website, Featureworld has seen over 8000 hits alone just on her story.
Thankfully – because there has been such huge interest – Malissa was already signed with Featureworld to handle all her publicity. I have done all her stories since she had her bypass in 2008 and continue to not only give Malissa and boyfriend Chris advice, but also offer them emotional support during what has been a difficult time.

I will keep everyone posted on Malissa’s progress, so do check back regularly for updates. And if you missed today’s exclusive ITV interview, do click on the photo of Malissa on TV above to see a clip.

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