‘My sister had my baby…’ one woman’s emotional story

Cheryl Keye’s emotional true-life story about how her sister became a surrogate for her appeared in the SUNDAY PEOPLE newspaper at the weekend.

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Cheryl Keye's story appeared in the Sunday People

When Cheryl emailed me last week through Featureworld’s Sell My Story contact form, I knew it would make a wonderful read for a Sunday newspaper. And I wasn’t wrong as Cheryl’s story was snapped up by the Sunday People newspaper and on Easter Sunday, appeared over two pages.
Cheryl’s emotional story began when she found out at the age of 17 she suffered from a rare condition and had been born without a uterus. It was a devastating shock, not least because it made her feel less of a woman and she worried how she would explain it to any man.
However, in her early twenties she met her husband, Jason, and he reassured her it didn’t matter to him. However, they did both want children. They toyed with the idea of adoption but as Cheryl grew older, she began to wonder if it might be possible to have their own child – after all, although she doesn’t have a womb, she does have her ovaries.
The couple began considering surrogacy. But it was when Cheryl told younger sister Lyndsay their plans, she made them the most wonderful offer. She offered to carry their baby for them in her womb.
Eggs were retrieved from Cheryl and fertilised with Jason’s sperm and one was put back into Lyndsay’s womb. The fantastic result was last year Lyndsay gave birth to Elliot, Cheryl and Jason’s gorgeous son. He is now eight months old and has changed their lives beyond all belief. Needless to say, Cheryl and Jason are incredibly grateful for Lyndsay’s selfless gift to them.

This story is now due to appear in a national women’s weekly magazine, in another national newspaper and also in a monthly women’s magazine.

Cheryl said: “I really wanted to sell my story to give hope to others. However, when I first looked into selling my story, I had no idea how to go about it. But going through Alison has enabled us to place the story with a variety of publications so we really feel it is getting excellent coverage.”

Have you used a surrogate to have a baby? Maybe you are considering surrogacy via a relative or friend or through an agency. Surrogacy stories are always popular so do contact me to discuss which magazines and newspapers might be interested. For a personal appraisal of your real-life story, email alison@featureworld.co.uk

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