Terrified … of other people eating…

Cheryl Houghton’s quirky true-life story about how she can’t bear the sound of other people eating appears in the health section of THE SUN newspaper today.

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Cheryl's phobia story appears in The Sun

Most of us don’t like a noisy eater but Cheryl has such an extreme reaction to others eating that she has to wear headphones at the dinner table to drown out the sound.
Fortunately she says understanding husband Jeff has a laid-back disposition, which is just as well as Jeff is banished to another room at breakfast – the reason is because Cheryl can’t bear the sound of crunchy cereals and toast.
Her phobia – diagnosed as Soft Sound Sensitivity Syndrome (or 4S for short) – means she feels panicky and comes out in a hot sweat if she hears others eating.
Cheryl, whose phobia began aged 13, has been to her GP and tried hypnosis but nothing seems to help.
The only person the mum of one can eat with normally is her baby daughter Bella. But she is on pureed food and Cheryl hopes as she grows older and eats more solid food that this might cure her.

This story appeared on the Health Pages of The Sun. You can read more about Cheryl’s eating phobia by clicking on the story above.
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