We bought our wedding with a groupon coupon!

Lucie Glenny’s uplifting true-life story appeared in the SUNDAY MIRROR newspaper yesterday.

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Lucie's story appeared in the Sunday Mirror

Having been engaged for six years, and with the average wedding costing £18,000, Lucie and Patrick had given up on being able to afford their dream wedding. But then bargain hunter Lucie discovered a wedding offer on a Groupon website. It looked amazing but to book the £2,000 wedding package, she would need to buy it then and there. And she had no idea where the venue was, let alone if it would be fine. The other snag was the date was set in stone – could she get a dress, flowers and invites organised in time?
When Patrick came home he wasn’t too impressed with Lucie’s idea but she won him round.
The next day the couple went with some trepidation to see exactly what they had bought – and were thrilled!
Their venue was a country house, there was a night in a wonderful bridal suite with breakfast in the morning, cocktails, wedding dinner and buffet thrown in. The enterprising couple managed to keep the cost down further by enlisting the help of friends to do flowers and the cake.
They had an amazing day – as photos show in the article, it ended up being the big white wedding they’d hoped for, for a fraction of the cost.
I rang Woodborough Hall, which offered this wedding package, to find out more. A spokesman told me the boss came up with the groupon – a discount coupon on a website. They believed such a promotion would show people who had no idea they are there (they are off the beaten track) how fantastic the weddings are. It certainly worked as they are almost fully booked for months.
Lucie’s story has now been sold to a women’s magazine.

She said: “I am delighted with the story in the paper – I thought it looked great.”

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