I had a brain tumour for 15 years – and didn’t know…

Lucy Hayes’ incredible real-life story appears over two pages in national newspaper, the DAILY MIRROR today…

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Lucy's story appears in national newspaper, The Daily Mirror

For the past decade Lucy Hayes, 30, has suffered from various ailments. Ranging from tiredness to headaches to pins and needles and bouts of sickness, the mum of two young sons felt she was constantly at the doctors with one complaint or another.
However, she never linked her odd symptoms – so a headache was put down to having a migraine, sickness was diagnosed as a bug and pins and needles, a pulled muscle.
But one day she noticed her sight was worsening – even this wasn’t that surprising as she is short-sighted and wears glasses. But she decided to go to a different opticians. In fact, it was an appointment the busy mum almost cancelled. And she only went because she’d promised her eldest son he could watch mummy at the opticians and she didn’t want to let him down. This time a special photo of her eye was done and it was then a huge brain tumour was revealed.
The optician sent her straight to hospital where tests diagnosed the tumour, a benign meningioma, had probably been growing for 15 years… and was squashing her brain. She could have dropped dead at any time.
It has since been removed – although some of it doctors have been unable to reach. It will grow back but they intend to keep it at bay with radiotherapy. She feels very lucky to be alive and is just relieved she went for this eye test – it is one of the most important health checks to have.

Lucy says: “I am absolutely thrilled with my story in the Mirror. It is superb – word for word how it was. And I can’t thank Alison enough for getting it into the newspaper for me.”

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