Growing up with a gay dad – in Best magazine…

Steve Williams and son Matt’s true-life story appears over two pages in BEST magazine this week.

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Steve and Matt's story looks fantastic in glossy Best mag...

After their story appeared in the centre pages of The Sun newspaper last week, Steve and Matt’s real life story appears in Best, once again over a double page.
I am pleased to report both Steve and Matt – who were very happy with the report in The Sun newspaper – were once again very pleased with the sensitive way their story was portrayed along with family photos.
In fact the response from readers on The Sun website has been extremely positive as people read about the traumas the whole family have had to go through because dad Steve is gay.
And I have had a number of people – interestingly, mostly heterosexual men – tell me how much they enjoyed reading this very honest account of growing up with a gay parent. I think this is because anyone can see from reading these stories just what a normal and close family they are.
To read more about Steve and Matt’s story click here: Growing up with a gay parent

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