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Sara's story appeared in the Daily Mail today.

Sara is pictured with her two children.
Sara has a son and a daughter...

Mum of two and paramedic Sara Hornsey came to me with her real life health story to seek justice. As a frontline ambulance worker, she was required to have a swine flu jab. But a couple of days later terrifyingly Sara woke to find herself paralysed from the waist down. Shockingly, she had suffered from a little-known side-effect from vaccination called Transverse Myelitis where the spinal nerves are damaged. And when she tried to get up out of bed, she fell to the floor.
Her husband rushed her to hospital but despite spending six weeks there, months later she is still spends a lot of time in a wheelchair and can only walk using a stick.
Worse, although she asked for an office job, she was sacked by the ambulance service. And to add insult to injury a few days later she was very upset to see the very same service advertising an office job. The original decision to sack her was overturned and the service did offer Sara the office job. But by then her confidence was shattered and she turned it down.

Sara says: “Ironically I didn’t want to ‘sell my story’ for the money but I did want it printed because I felt my employers had treated me so poorly. I am the last person to normally seek any publicity. But I was very happy with the sensitive story in the Daily Mail as I feel I have got my story out there without being splashed across a national newspaper!”

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