Adoption – three sides of the story…

Real life story about adoption in BELLA magazine this week.

Adoption story
Melanie's story about her two mums appeared in Bella magazine.

This is the incredible story of how Melanie Farmer has two mums to support her through life – her adoptive mum Janet and birth mum Julie – and in this emotional article over two pages, all three open their hearts with their stories.
Melanie was a tiny baby when she was adopted. But when she was 21 and saw her birth certificate she decided to trace her biological mum, Julie. Fortunately it was straightforward and two weeks later she received a letter back from Julie. Emotionally, the letter explained how aged 18 Julie had got accidentally pregnant with Melanie and she felt too young to keep her. Yet, she couldn’t not go through with the pregnancy. So she put Melanie up for adoption. Of course it was the hardest thing she has ever done. As she says in the feature, she never gave Melanie a name and never even held her because she didn’t want to fall in love with her. And when she came home empty handed from hospital she sat for ages just hugging a pillow to her stomach.
Adoptive mum Janet recalls how overjoyed she was when she arrived at the hospital to pick up baby Melanie. For the next few weeks she was terrified her birth mum would change her mind and demand her back.
Yet when Melanie decided to trace her birth family, she was incredibly supportive. And when Melanie and Julie finally met, Janet was just pleased the pair had got together. She now feels meeting her birth mum has made Melanie ‘more complete.’
Melanie says: “Just a big thank you – it is a wonderful, interesting and balanced story. My whole family have read it, shared it and really like it.
It has brought us closer together and we all love it! Thank you for producing such a lovely piece.”

We hear so much about the trials of adoption, it was wonderful to write such a positive story. The other bonus was the beautiful photos that accompanied the piece, showing both mums together with their daughter.

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