I froze my body in time – but now I’m like an old lady…

… another story over two pages in CLOSER magazine this week! Vikki Hensley tells her true life story about anorexia…

Vikki Hensley's story about anorexia is in Closer this week...

... and is printed over two pages.

Anorexic Vikki Hensley first hit the headlines two years ago when I sold her story to NOW magazine and the DAILY MAIL twice (and it appeared on the front page…). Then she became dubbed the female Peter Pan after revealing she had never been through puberty, had a period, worn a bra or had a boyfriend. In fact, Vikki, 25, a science graduate, had literally frozen her body in time through her eating disorder.
Vikki initially became anorexic when she was bullied at school and found looking thin and vulnerable made the bullies leave her alone. But in effect this meant she never ‘grew up’ and stayed ‘looking young’ at the age of 12 ever since.
Despite pleading from her family, long spells in hospital and knowing herself how dangerous her extreme dieting could be, Vikki has continued and now thirteen years on, her health is failing.
As she tells Closer in this follow up story, due to the fact she shunned all dairy products, an extreme lack of calcium has led to brittle bones and teeth. She has the sort of severe osteoporosis even her doctor has never seen before (and not even in an elderly person). She has lost 5cms in height since her last story was published and at just 5 stones is so frail, she finds wearing a winter coat physically painful.
In a last ditch attempt to get well, Vikki is now going to live with family in Cannes, France.

She says: “I ‘d like to get better and yet I can’t eat. I know I’m destroying my body but when I look in the mirror in the morning, I still feel fat.”

Do you have an eating disorder? Perhaps you have overcome anorexia or bulimia? Or maybe like Vikki you are still in its grip. Do let me know here: Sell story about anorexia

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