Did my nights out give me cancer?

Sarah Robinson’s real life story about how she has fought cancer appeared over THREE pages in FABULOUS magazine yesterday.

Sarah's breast cancer story appeared in Fabulous mag ...

... and her story went over three pages.

Sarah is just 29 but is currently she is finishing chemotherapy for breast cancer. And now, following recent research that links breast cancer with binge drinking, she wonders if a spell in her twenties when she drank regularly is to blame.
Certainly regular sell your story blog readers might recall I recently sold another young woman’s story along these same lines. Graduate Claire Whittle’s story ‘Did binge drinking give me cancer?’ appeared in the Daily Mail and Take a Break and is shortly due to appear in a woman’s monthly magazine.
Both Sarah and Claire have no history of breast cancer in their families and it is now well documented that excessive drinking can raise the risk of some forms of breast cancer.
Sarah’s story appeared in Fabulous magazine, a glossy supplement which comes with the News of the World newspaper, and in it she tells how because the treatment to cure her cancer could leave her infertile, she and her long-term boyfriend, have had embryos frozen. He has been a marvellous support throughout and they both hope if she can’t conceive naturally in the future, they can still have a family together.

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