Will your child still be living at home in his 50s?

My real life story feature about the adult children still living at home with their parents appears over two pages in the DAILY MAIL newspaper today.

Many adult children can't afford to leave home these days...

When the Daily Mail asked me to research and write this story about the adults still living at home with their parents, it was a subject close to my chest as my three children (all aged over 19!) are also still at home!
But, as with the other parents I spoke to for this article, it has become much harder these days for children to flee the nest.
I was just 20 when I left home to live with my boyfriend and 21 when together we bought our first (tiny) house with my boyfriend (we married a year later) – something that would be absolutely impossible today for those in their twenties, even with a lot of help from parents. Then, I was a trainee journalist and he a trainee civil engineer with barely a penny to our names. But then we didn’t even need any help from parents because house prices simply were not like they are today. In fact we borrowed the whole amount of money (less than £40K) from the bank!
Back to the Daily Mail article – here I spoke to five people. Steve is in his 50s, Martin is a graduate in his twenties, Samantha did start a business, which went bust, Lisa couldn’t afford rising living costs and when Angela’s relationship finished, she went home.
Thanks to everyone for taking part – it was interesting talking to everyone and swapping notes!

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Alison Smith-Squire

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