How I found love through my dead daughter …

Steve Tremain’s unusual true story appears in BEST magazine this week.

Steve's story was also on the front page of Best mag

When Steve split from his partner, he felt lonely. But he did have his wonderful daughter, Siobhan, 12, to visit him. However, when Siobhan – his only child – died suddenly from an underlying heart condition, he thought his world was over.
In the days that followed Siobhan’s death, he sank into a depression. He was touched however by the fact that 300 people turned up to her funeral. One of them was Siobhan’s closest friend, Jade Kendrick. And incredibly, it was at Siobhan’s funeral that Jade introduced Steve to her mum, Rennatta. Although Jade often came over to see Siobhan, Steve and Rennatta had never met before.
But the following weekend Rennatta contacted Steve to see how he was and from there blossomed a friendship. This developed into love and three months after Siobhan died, Steve moved in with Rennatta, who was divorced with three children.
Having them around helped Steve enormously and since then the couple have had a baby boy, Lennon. In a quirk of fate, Lennon was born on the very same day his sister had died.

Says Steve: “I saw the fact Lennon was born on the anniversary of Siobhan’s death as a sign she knew and would always be with us. That day has changed from one of dread to one of celebration.”

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