Would you shop your husband to the Police?

Marie Bentley’s emotional real-life story appeared in the DAILY MIRROR newspaper and REVEAL magazine yesterday.

Marie's story was in the Daily Mirror

... and also in Reveal mag

When Marie Bentley discovered husband Chris was having an affair, that was bad enough. However, when she found out he was seeing a 15 year old girl – the same age as their eldest daughter – she was not only devastated but disgusted.
So she made the hardest decision of her life – she decided to call in the Police. And last month Chris was jailed after admitting sex with an under age girl.
Despite this Marie, who was married to Chris for 18 years – they met when they were teenagers – was still so upset, she wanted to tell her story for justice.
Importantly, she wanted to gain the most publicity for her story.
With this in mind, I arranged for her story to appear in the Daily Mirror and weekly women’s magazine Reveal. I have also gained Marie another opportunity and a follow-up to her story will shortly be appearing in another popular women’s magazine. She has also been asked for radio and TV interviews.

Marie says: “I was extremely pleased with both stories in the newspaper and magazine. They were both very well done. I don’t know how myself and my daughters will move on from this but I do feel telling my story was the right way forward.”

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