The reality of being a single dad – story sold to Daily Mirror

Widower and dad of two Vincent Ashton described life since his wife died in the DAILY MIRROR newspaper on Friday.

With the BBC running the drama Single Father on television recently, the plight of dads left on their own with children has been back in the news.
In Single Father, David Tennant falls in love with a friend of his late wife (and she is married) but while that might make for good TV, the reality for many widowed dads can be quite different.
In Vincent’s case, he was absolutely lost without his wife for months and found life incredibly hard to cope with.
Vincent had been the breadwinner – suddenly he found it very hard to work as his hours meant he wasn’t there for his daughter and son. So for him it was a total life change – in fact he ended up giving up his old job and going back to college. That way he could study around his children, pick them up from school and eventually qualify for a job more suitable for family life.
Unlike the BBC’s Single Father, he also hasn’t met anyone else. As he says in the article, the problem is you don’t fall out of love with your spouse when they die.

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