Bitter wife sets up Facebook page for ‘love rat’ husband…

Lorraine Hilliard’s real story about how she has set up a Facebook page claiming her husband is a cheating love rat appeared in the SUNDAY PEOPLE newspaper yesterday.

A single mum of three Lorraine was thrilled when she met Steve. He was wonderful with her children and within months they’d married in a whirlwind ceremony.
For eighteen months, all was well. But when Lorraine discovered some letters and photos from strange women in her husband Steve’s wardrobe, naturally she quizzed him about who they were. And when he couldn’t give her any answers and she round an email account with a password she didn’t know about, she couldn’t help but look.
What she discovered was scores of emails to different women. She contacted some and claims that they told her they have been seeing her husband. Devastated she told him to leave.
Since then she has set up a Facebook page to ‘warn other women’ about her ex. Meanwhile, Steve denies everything, saying that he only agreed to a story about adultery to get a quickie divorce.
Lorraine’s story went into the Sunday People.

Lorraine said: “The story was exactly as Alison said it would be. I really wanted to get this out there and feel this was the only way to find the truth.”

I am now negotiating a deal for Lorraine with a magazine, which will be a follow-up to this story and will include an update about what’s happened since Lorraine went public with her Facebook page…

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