Overnight I lost my home – one woman’s bankruptcy story

Rosie Hamilton-McGinty’s true life story was printed in the DAILY MAIL newspaper this week.

Sometimes people want to sell a story but they need to wait for the right time. This is what happened with Rosie. Rosie came to me with her story a while ago but we needed to wait for the right opportunity with the right publication.
That time came this week when the Daily Mail were working on a story about a report which said more women are facing bankruptcy and they asked if I knew of someone to give the story that human touch.
And I immediately thought of Rosie! Sadly Rosie lost £500K and also her luxury flat when three years ago her buy to let business failed. As she explained in the article, it was the start of the recession, she was badly advised by the banks and also she now feels she might have taken on more in her business than she could handle.
It was an absolutely devastating time for Rosie, a divorcee and mum of two, as she was made homeless. Thankfully, she has wonderful friends who put her up in a spare room and stored her furniture in their garage.
Overnight her life changed. Once she’d been able to go on wonderful holidays and buy beautiful clothes and now she was a bankrupt with barely a penny to her name.
Now, however, life has changed again and Rosie has turned her life around with a life coaching website A Winning Attitude.

She says: “I am not as wealthy as I once was but without debts I am a lot happier…”

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