Bride to be has heart attack after suffering ‘pre-nuptial stress’

Sharon Boks’ real life story about how she had a heart attack just before her wedding day appeared in the DAILY MAIL newspaper yesterday.

Sharon, 39, had just finished the seating plan when she went to bed feeling a little stressed. A few hours later she woke to find herself suffering with chest pains and hyperventilating.
She thought it was just a panic attack over the last minute arrangements for her ceremony, but fortunately fiance Mark called an ambulance. Incredibly, Sharon was having a heart attack.
Thankfully, after being rushed to hospital, medics restarted her heart and after a few days on the ward, she was allowed home. No-one expected Sharon and Mark to go through with their wedding, which was just a week away. But, as Sharon says, after going through 18 months of painstaking planning and stress to get things just right, she wasn’t going to cancel it. So she managed to walk up the aisle.
This week the couple are on their postponed honeymoon in Thailand – Sharon wasn’t well enough to fly at the time.
Sharon has also joined with the British Heart Foundation as they are launching a new campaign in November targeted at women. Their message is that a heart attack doesn’t just strike middle aged and overweight men! We must all look after our hearts with regular exercise and a healthy diet. Click here – sell my story for charity – to read about others who’ve sold their stories for charity.
Meanwhile, although Sharon has been away I have been busy looking after her story and have gained her further deals with two big women’s magazines to follow on from the Daily Mail story.

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