Breast cancer made me trace my biological mum…

Philippa Wakefield-Lilley’s poignant true life story appeared in The DAILY MIRROR on Friday.

A few weeks ago Philippa emailed me to say she wanted to sell a story and therefore be involved with breast cancer month (which is now…) So I was pleased to place her story as the main feature with the Daily Mirror’s breast cancer month special and Philippa’s story went over two beautiful pink coloured pages in the paper.
When she was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of just 34, Philippa, a mum of two, was devastated. But she was also concerned to know whether breast cancer is genetic as she was worried her daughter could be at risk. The problem was Philippa is adopted and as she grew up with loving adopted parents, had never sought her biological ones.
But getting breast cancer made her change her mind and she decided to find her birth mum. It took some searching but she eventually found Linda on Friends Reunited. The pair have now met. Looking at the photos of both of them I am amazed by the likeness between them.
Thankfully there is no history of breast cancer in the family and the bonus is that Philippa and Linda get on very well.
Linda is a teacher who got unexpectedly pregnant when she was young and made the difficult decision to put Philippa up for adoption.

Philippa said: “I was thrilled with the Daily Mirror feature. It was exactly as I hoped it would be.”

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