Social workers said Kerry was too dim to be a wife and mum …

Kerry Robertson’s real life story about her battle with social services to get her baby back appeared in the MAIL ON SUNDAY newspaper yesterday…

Sell your story Featureworld blog readers might recall my post a couple of weeks ago about Kerry and how at last she and fiance Mark McDougall have now married. She is the young woman whose wedding was halted by Fife social workers a year ago who judged her too unintelligent to understand the vows. A few months later Kerry, who was expecting the couple’s first child, and Mark fled to Ireland after the same social workers threatened to take their baby into care at birth – because they felt she was too dim to be a mum.
Tragically, although the couple felt they would be safe in Ireland, the authorities there did take baby son, Ben, into care just three days after he was born. It was absolutely traumatic for Kerry and Mark and at the time there was a huge outcry on the internet at what many saw as a persecution of a young couple.
So, knowing as I have done for a while now that Ben was being returned to Mark and Kerry, I am delighted that this wonderful follow-up story has been published at last.

Mark said yesterday: “We’re really happy with the story. It is fantastic and we can’t thank you enough.”

Since the couple approached me last year for help and support to get married and keep their son, I have placed the story with the Daily Mail several times, the Sunday Mirror, again several times, as well as the Mail on Sunday – and also on TV.

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