Why I want to look like Kym Marsh – story sold to Love it mag

Cheri Mangan’s unusual real life story about her obsession to look like her idol actress Kym Marsh appears in LOVE IT! magazine this week.

Despite her boyfriend and mum’s disapproval, student Cheri, 21, has spent almost £20,000 on cosmetic surgery in order to look like Coronation St soap star Kym. Cheri’s addiction began when Kym first appeared on Popstars, a reality TV show, which spawned the group Hear’say.
But when that group foundered, Cheri was impressed by the way Kym had reinvented herself. At the same time she decided some of Kym’s new style tricks might suit her and set about having her hair cut and dyed the same way.
Since then Cheri has had her teeth whitened, bought dresses similar to the ones Kym wears and has shelled out thousands on manicures and fake tans. Most recently she had a boob job – and she is now planning a nose job, liposuction, fillers in her lips and bum implants.
Cheri’s story made the front page of Love it!

She says: “I was nervously waiting to see what the story looked like and when I did I was relieved it looked fine – in fact, it’s been done really well!”

Cheri now intends to use the money earned from selling a story towards more cosmetic surgery so she looks even more like Kym Marsh.

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Alison Smith-Squire

Alison Smith-Squire is a writer, journalist and media agent selling exclusive real life stories to newspapers, magazines and TV. She owns the sell my story website Featureworld.co.uk, which was set up to help ordinary people sell their stories to the press.

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