How two wives caught their bigamist husband – story sold to Woman’s Own

Sarah Whalley and Margie Peters tell their amazing story in WOMAN’S OWN magazine this week.

When Sarah Whalley’s husband of 12 years, James Paul Fletcher, left on a business trip, she thought nothing of it. But when she didn’t hear from him, she began to worry he’d suffered a fatal accident. In fact he had left her for a woman – Margie, who he’d been wooing online and who lived in the US – and shortly after landing in New York, they married. A few days later he simply sent a devastated Sarah a card saying he’d gone and the car was parked at Heathrow. Sarah was distraught especially when she discovered he’d left her £20K in debt.
Meanwhile, new wife Margie had no idea of Fletcher’s past and the pair lived happily together until 12 years after they married, he left her to go on a business trip to the UK. She too thought something terrible had happened to him but after tracking down family on the internet and going to the police, she discovered the truth. Not only had he left her for another woman in the UK, he was a bigamist. He had married Margie whilst still married to Sarah. Fletcher was later given a suspended jail sentence.
Sarah and Margie have now become firm friends and helped one another through a nightmare.

Sarah says: ” Thank you so much – I am really happy with the piece and thank you so much for persevering with this.”

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Alison Smith-Squire

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