Meet Britain’s most premature twins – Daily Mail

The UK’s most premature twins – story in the DAILY MAIL newspaper today.

Lee Burden and Amanda Staplehurst’s amazing twins were featured in the Daily Mail yesterday. Incredibly their daughter Amelia Hope was born at just 23 weeks and two days, which is below the abortion limit. Meanwhile their son Arthur was born ten days later at just 24 weeks and five days.
Amazingly, the twins were even born in different months – Amelia Hope was born in June whilst Arthur was born in July. And they were even born in different hospitals.
Lee and Amanda are incredibly grateful to medical staff for reviving their daughter as sadly there are some hospitals who do not revive babies under 24 weeks.
They are believed to be the youngest surviving twins in the UK. Amelia Hope is one of the youngest babies ever born.
Thankfully, although the babies still have a long way to go before their parents can bring them home, they are both doing very well.

Of the article in the Daily Mail, Amanda said: “Many thanks for the feature – we loved the way it was written.”

Featureworld will be following the twins’ progress and hopes the next story in a few months time will be a picture of Lee and Amanda bringing their gorgeous twins home from hospital.

In the meantime, I will keep Featureworld blog readers updated with their progress.

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