My abortion failed – have I harmed my baby? The Sun

My abortion went wrong – story in THE SUN newspaper yesterday.

Another sensitive story sold to a newspaper this week is Lucy Thomas’s real life nightmare about how her abortion went wrong.
Lucy, who had split with the baby’s dad, took the abortion pill when she was seven weeks pregnant. But it didn’t work and a week later doctors told her the baby was alive. They offered Lucy further abortion to terminate the baby. However, despite being warned by medical staff the abortion pills have probably harmed her baby, she simply couldn’t face this operation.
So Lucy, already a mum of two, has bravely decided to go ahead with the pregnancy.
She is now almost seven months pregnant and her baby, a little boy, is kicking vigorously. Scans and tests show he is probably healthy – but agonisingly doctors cannot be sure. Unfortunately, no-one will know if her baby will be born healthy until September when he is due.
The worse scenario is Lucy’s baby is born unable to smile. The abortion pill Lucy took is linked to a rare syndrome, which causes paralysis of the face – and this is something that cannot be tested for during pregnancy.
Lucy was very happy with the way the story was portrayed in the Sun newspaper. Through Featureworld, she will be doing a follow-up with the Sun when her baby is born. We all hope he is fine and this story will be one showing her little boy with a big smile on his face.
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Footnote: Lucy’s baby boy was born healthy and well.

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