Taking your pet on holiday a broad. The newest trend – Daily Mail

The Jet Set Pets – the new trend of taking your cat, dog or even horse on holiday abroad with you. Story in the DAILY MAIL newspaper on Friday.

As regular Featureworld blog visitors will know, I did wonder at Easter if my own pet cat, Crystal, was Britain’s most travelled feline. This was after I had taken Crystal on a family holiday to Tenerife. She has also accompanied us to France for the past four years and is due to come away with us to France this summer! However, she is NOT the UK’s most travelled moggie! That accolade must surely go to Tracy Wood and her cats Sugar and Sandoy. For Sugar the next holiday abroad will be her sixteenth and for Sandoy, his thirtieth! Tracy shared her story with me for Daily Mail readers last week. Her experience of how she takes her cats away in a specially adapted motorhome was joined by the story of the Birtwistle family whose poor Labrador, Coco, was turned away at customs (due to a faulty microchip and it’s the sort of story I fret about every time I take Crystal away…!) and also Phyllis, who flies her cat to and from Spain.
Having taken Crystal on holiday, I was determined to research an article on this and thankfully the Daily Mail agreed to let me! As you can imagine I loved writing this piece and hope it showed other pet owners doing this is possible and a great alternative to leaving your cat or dog in kennels.
If you have a quirky pet story to sell, I would love to hear about it! So do contact me here.

Alison Smith-Squire

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