Why I don’t have sex – story sold to Daily Mirror

Why I’m celibate. One woman explains her no sex vow – story in the DAILY MIRROR this week.

Shirley Yanez has been married twice and has slept with around 50 men. Yet, although she has enjoyed sex in the past, she claims giving it up has made her happier than ever.
Shirley’s choice to remain celibate for ten years came about after her second divorce. It might seem an unthinkable decision to many. But Shirley wanted to rebuild her life and found that not having sex enabled her to focus more on realising her own dreams.
She and her sister in law Holly (Holly was married to Shirley’s husband’s brother…) have now set up a business – The Hollywood Look for less and they tour the world (often on cruises) giving ladies tips on looking fantastic on a budget. At the same time Shirley often shares her own experience of celibacy with the women in their audience. Of course, a vast majority are at first shocked and say they would not contemplate such a thing.
But she maintains many of them are in their 40s and older and have lost confidence in themselves. Sometimes they are already in dead-end relationships. And taking a vow of celibacy is a good way of getting some control and self-esteem back in their lives.
Shirley says: “I was delighted with the feature in the Daily Mirror. Many women who’ve been to our shows and who know us, have seen it and said how interesting it was. Holly and I are looking forward to working with Alison again.”

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Alison Smith-Squire

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