Can hypnobirthing really give you a pain free labour?

Story about hypnobirthing in the DAILY MAIL today …

Thank you to everyone who came forward to help me research and write this story for the Daily Mail in less than a day yesterday! This was a follow up article to a story which appeared in the paper on Thursday where a mum had given birth painlessly after being hypnotised during labour. The follow up asked is this too good to be true? Can hypnobirthing really work?
During the course of my research I discovered not everyone is a fan of this method. Undoubtedly, some mums find it absolutely wonderful. But a number of women came forward to say it did not work for them. Furthermore there are concerns that some hypnobirthing instructors might be giving women unrealistic expectations about just how painful delivering their baby could be. And that some women might feel pressured into having a ‘natural’ birth.
Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to include everyone’s story in today’s piece – there were simply too many! But it still made a fascinating talking point in the newspaper today.

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Alison Smith-Squire

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