Does skullduggery ever pay dividends in business?

October 25, 2013
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So you believe the rival company that won the business over you shouldn’t have done for some reason… in fact you believe you have evidence they told a porkie to get the deal. So the question is should you tip off the client about why you believe they shouldn’t have trusted your rival? […]

Author Spot: Rita Wilkinson

October 4, 2013
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Rita Wilkinson tells how she began her book as a little project on her computer and how throughout her lifetime she always wanted to write but until now, never had the confidence … […]

“But I’m the worst… mum/wife/friend … the new trend for women writers…

September 19, 2013
Kate Thompson Daily Mail
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Being so proud not to make time to enjoy sex with your husband or devote time to your children – and writing about it – has become a new trend amongst female writers… […]

How to be a great press officer…

September 16, 2013
Successful press release
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…as a journalist, I would say you can tell about a company by the way its press office is run (the best press officers are at well run businesses that customers love as well.) […]

Is chef Jamie Oliver right to speak out against ‘lazy young Brits’ …?

August 28, 2013
Jamie Oliver
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… or could his rants about how lazy Brits are and lectures on cooking from scratch create a public backlash and turn us off him for good? […]

Will we all be playing Linkee this Christmas?

August 27, 2013
Dragons' Den - Linkee
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Would you turn down an offer from a dragon on Dragon’s Den? The creators behind a game called Linkee believe they were right to turn down Duncan Bannatyne’s recent offer of £50,000 for 40 per cent share in their company… what happened next. […]