Why do the press only want to know about ME, asks author…

July 26, 2013
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Author Anakana Schofield – whose first novel, Malarky – is about to come out in Britain has a ‘grumble’ about the publicity she is getting. [...]

Author Spot: Katherine Thompson

July 22, 2013
Katherine Thompson
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What happens if you wake up one day and remember nothing about your past life? Katherine Thompson talks about her book chronicling her memory loss – The Day I woke up and how she got published… [...]

Byline Bandits – who really writes what you read?

July 15, 2013
byline bandit
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Within the media world a subject has been bubbling away recently – and that is the rather unpleasant subject of the so called byline bandit… [...]

How a blog got one domestic goddess a book deal…

July 10, 2013
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Cherry Menlove’s blog about decorating and refurbishing her West Sussex home has landed her a book deal… [...]

TV documentary release forms and contracts – fair to the interviewee?

July 3, 2013
So you want to work in TV?
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Would you sign an agreement that allows strangers to film you with hidden cameras, bans you from using your Twitter or Facebook account for months and wants you to give access to your private medical records? You might not – but many people do unwittingly sign away all the rights when they agree to participate in a TV documentary… [...]

Author Spot: Michael Linford

June 26, 2013
Author Spot Michael Linford
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Michael Linford tells how a combined passion for books and music – and wondering which are the 20 best songs you would want to hear were the world to end – inspired him to write his debut novel, Music for the end of the world… [...]