TV documentary release forms and contracts – fair to the interviewee?

July 3, 2013
So you want to work in TV?
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Would you sign an agreement that allows strangers to film you with hidden cameras, bans you from using your Twitter or Facebook account for months and wants you to give access to your private medical records? You might not – but many people do unwittingly sign away all the rights when they agree to participate in a TV documentary… [...]

Author Spot: Michael Linford

June 26, 2013
Author Spot Michael Linford
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Michael Linford tells how a combined passion for books and music – and wondering which are the 20 best songs you would want to hear were the world to end – inspired him to write his debut novel, Music for the end of the world… [...]

Has the press misjudged the nation over Jeremy Forrest affair?

June 22, 2013
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Many people are shocked at the severity of the sentence meted out to teacher Jeremy Forrest – so why does the press not acknowledge the wave of public feeling? [...]

Should parents be worried about teaching their babies to talk from BIRTH…

June 14, 2013
Small Talk by Tracey Blake and Nicola Lathey
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Author Tracey Blake sounds like the sort of over-suffocating, helicopter-type of parent ‘my child is so brilliant/amazing/cleverer than yours’ that somehow I always got stuck next to at awful school evenings… [...]

How to be successful on Pinterest…

June 5, 2013
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What makes a photo go viral on Pinterest? A celebrity, The Royal family, a cute pet? The answer might surprise you… [...]

Author Spot: Phil Taylor

May 24, 2013
Author Phil Taylor
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Author Phil Taylor tells how wanting to write a book he’d have loved to read as an 11-year-old inspired him to pen a children’s novel – and why it took him ten years to complete… [...]