Author Spot: Georgina Campbell

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Single mum of three Georgina Campbell tells how she became inspired to write her novel after watching a film – and then how she wrote it on her Blackberry phone… Author Georgina Campbell

Name, age and area where you live in the UK
Georgina Campbell. I’m 41 yrs old, I live in Lambeth south London.

Book name, publication date, who book is published by.
My book is called THE KICKDOWN GIRLS and it is self-published with Memories Publishing.

What is the book about?
It’s about life as I see it and all that goes with growing up an inner city environment – the good the bad, and some of things you wouldn’t want your daughter getting into!
It’s a story for today, for all those who have their eyes shut tight not wishing to see whats really happening out there.

Is this your first book? If not, how many other books have you published?
It is my first book and incredibly I wrote the whole 55,600 words on my Blackberry phone. The whole idea of writing a novel started when myself and my 14yr old daughter watched the film, Attack the Block about a street gang in south London fighting off an alien invasion. She loved it but I didn’t.
So we had a bet to see if we could do any better. I was working as a chef at the Spencer Arms, Putney, working 12hr days.
I would come home in the night and sit and write the night away just to do the same thing again the next day for four months. However, before I knew it, the book was finished.

How easy was it to write? The Kickdown Girls by Georgina Campbell
It was wicked writing the book. Kickdown Girls was already in my head and waiting to come out. Although it is fiction – it is a thriller about a group of girls growing up in south London – I could relate to it. As with some of the characters in my book, I loved going out with the girls every night and it was easy to write.
Then I had to sort out the front cover – which was designed by my two daughters and my niece.

What next?
Im writing two other books at the moment. One is the flip side to Kickdown Girls. It focuses on men’s lives and how hard they have it. It looks at split-second decisions men make that lead them into trouble.
The other book is a love story that’s close to my heart – it examines how you can fall in love at any age … but I dont want to give to much away…

Any advice for other writers?
My family were so shocked at what I’ve done they still can’t believe it. After all, I never finished school. But my achievement just goes to show if you put your mind to something, it can be done.
My daughter’s school want me to go in to talk to the kids to show them anything can happen. It doesn’t matter how hard you’ve had it, you can still make something of yourself and stand proud.

Where can we buy your book?
My book is on Amazon.

Find out more: Georgina’s website

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